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Silver Doggy Charm Ring

This Sterling Silver Doggy Charm Ring will Remind you that wherever you go your pet will always be there with you. (silver Doggy Charm Ring 3mm Thick Band) Please note if you would like a customised ring of your pet you will be required to email the photograph through.
R2 500,00

Small Organic Bronze Ring

6.5mm. wide organic bronze ring.
R1 399,00

Small Sterling Silver Ring

6.5mm wide thin sterling silver organic ring
R2 290,00

Square Bronze Split Shank Ring

Square Bronze Split Shank Ring.
R1 949,00

Sterling Silver Heart Charm Ring

This Silver Heart Charm Ring will keep you feel safe and Positive. (Sterling Silver Heart Charm Ring Thick band 3mm)
R2 290,00

Sterling Silver Square Split Shank RIng

Sterling Silver Square Split Shank RIng
R3 290,00

Sugarbush Earrings

Sugarbush protea earrings with sterling silver hooks 60mm long.

Thin Bronze Flat Split Shank Ring

Bronze 7mm wide on the top tapered flat split shank ring
R1 790,00

Thin Flat Split Shank Silver Ring

brushed 7mm wide on the top tapered sterling silver flat split shank ring
R2 599,00