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Thin Wrapped Cuff

20mm Wide Clear 5mm Perspex with Brass Strip Cuff
R 1 880,00

Wrapped aqua Brass Cuff

50mm Clear Aqua perspex and Brass Wrapped Cuff
R 2 290,00

Wrapped clear Brass Cuff

40mm wrapped Clear Perspex Bangle with Brass Detail.
R 3 300,00

Wrapped Clear Copper Cuff

40mm Wrapped Clear Perspex Cuff with Copper Band Detail.
R 1 999,00

Wrapped Copper Cuff

50mmNeutral and Copper Wrapped Cuff
R 3 500,00

Wrapped Multi Cuff

40 mm wide 5mm thick wrapped black perspex cuff with brass&copper detail sterling silver studs
R 4 800,00

Wrapped Studded Bangle

30mm Wrapped Bronze Perspex Bangle with Sterling Silver Stud Detail.
R 1 749,00

Wrapped Swimming Serpent Cuff

40mm wide wrapped black perspex cuff with brass strips and sterling silver studds
R 3 990,00