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New Moon Oval Clear & Perspex Earrings

Oval clear perspex studd earrings with new moon brass piece sterling silver studs 6cm long
R 2 119,00

Oval & Neutral Perspex Earrings

medium oval neutral perspex earrings with copper plate and sterling silver studds and hooks 5cm long
R 1 990,00

Polygon Copper Earrings

Polygon Black Perspex Earrings with Copper Detail and Sterling Silver Hooks. 60mm in Length.
R 1 979,00

Tie the Knot Earrings

24 carat gold plated tie the knot earrings 50mm long
R 1 990,00

Clear Cross Earrings

Round Clear Perspex Earrings with Criss Cross Brass Detail and Sterling Silver Hooks.
R 1 579,00

Large Oval Neutral Earings

Large Oval Neutral Perspex Earrings with Copper Half Moon Detail and Sterling Silver Hooks. 60mm in Length.
R 1 779,00

Pincushion Protea Earrings

Pin Cushion Protea Perspex & Silver Earrings.
R 579,00

TIe The Knot Earrings

Tie The Knot Sterling Silver Earrings - 50mm in Length.
R 2 599,00